Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Novak Family Experiences Walking with Dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs roared into Cleveland with the opening night of Walking with Dinosaurs at the Quicken Loans Arena. What an amazing show. Jude and Joel were in awe of the Giants. Sometimes gentle other times ferocious, always entertaining. This show had something for everyone. Joel spent most of the night on the edge of his seat.

There were appearances from carnivores and herbivores. Those that walked the earth and others that flew. From the small Utahraptors to the earth shaking Tyrannosaurus the stunning movements of these creatures appeared so life like you almost felt you were back in time. The main stage stayed the same but it transformed as it made it through the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic Periods.  From fires to rain to plant growth to destruction as the times changed the stage reflected the time and help tell the story.

Pictures do not do the show justice. Tickets are expensive and parking around the area for the special event will set you back another small fortune, but the memories will be worth it. Joel spent the whole car ride over asking when we will be going back.

The dinosaurs will be in Cleveland through Sunday so if you live in this area you still have time to catch the show. Don't live in the area? Never fear the still has many more North American stops left in its tour so take a look at their website to see if the show will be visiting a town near you.

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