Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daddy and Jude, Mommy and Joel Nights Out

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So tonight was a fun filled night for all. Daddy and Jude went to the Cavs game. This has become a one time a year trip for the two of them. Boys night out! Jude seems to be enjoying himself. Looks like they brought home a 91/85 win. Go Cavs!!

While the two boys were having their night out, Joel and I went shopping at our favorite store, Target. And for those of you that haven't heard the good news, the store at Westgate has gotten even better with the addition of fresh foods such as meats, produce, prepared items and more. It's great! And the prices aren't bad either. And if you use your Target Red Card (credit or debit) you even save more with your 5% off. Just what I needed, another reason to shop at Target.

Well after all that shopping we worked up quite an appetite so it was off to Friendly's for dinner and ice cream. You can't ask for more than that. Joel enjoyed a little coloring before the food arrived. Then mommy and Joel had to pose for a self portrait. Say cheese!!!

We finished the meal off with a candy shop sundae with strawberry sauce and M & M's can you say Yum Yum! What a perfect ending to a perfect

Then off to home to put away all our stuff, PJ time, a little Cooking Network on the TV and off to bed for the kids. The only thing that could make this night better would be getting cancelled from work tonight. Well one can dream!

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  1. Sounds like fun! I cannot stand the Friendly's in Middleburg because the service is so, so, so slow each and every time I get sucked into going. I'm glad to hear the Westlake one is better.


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