Monday, April 8, 2013

When Dad's Away the Mice Will Play

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So Steve had to go out of town tonight.  Only one night, no big deal. So what were the kids and I to do to occupy our time.  Let's head to the mall.  So we went to Westfield Great Northern.  A little shopping, a little food, a little fun.

We explored the Disney Store.  Of course we couldn't leave empty handed.  Who can?  We have to start preparing for our September Disney Alaskan Cruise.  Can't wait!!!!

Then we headed over to the food court.  We had a quick stop at Auntie Anne's Pretzels for a pepperoni pretzel and a lemonade.  Appetizers!  Did you know that you can sign up for pretzel perks and get free coupons, offers, recipes and more sent to your email and/or phone?

Then we got some mac and cheese from Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen for the kids and mommy got herself a pepperoni stromboli (carrying on the pepperoni theme- hey can you really ever have too much pepperoni?  I say not!!).  Villa Fresh has an e-club for offers as well.  We didn't say we were being healthy tonight.  Sometimes you just gotta splurge.  And in this case we had to splurge two nights in a row.  We'll have a double serving of fruits and veggies to make up for our nutritional sins tomorrow.

Then what's dinner without dessert.  We opted for frozen yogurt.  So for that we headed to Yogurt Vi.  (They have a pretty cute website.   You should check it out!)  If your keeping score they have a rewards card you get from the store.  Spend $50 get $5 reward.  If you splurge a lot not a bad deal.  Jude went with coconut yogurt Joel strawberry.  Both had too many toppings to count- at least there was a little fruit involved.  I asked Jude what his favorite topping was and in true four-year-old fashion he answered "all of them!"

We'll after dinner and dessert we had to burn off some calories and expend some energy before bedtime.  Off to the play area.  A few slides, some games, and new friends.  Joel seems to have enjoyed himself.

Then we loaded ourselves back in the car.  A little Disney Jr at home followed by PJs, rocking night- night and as we say "angels guard you, hugs and kisses, loves and wishes...see you in the am."

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