Friday, March 6, 2015

Slip Sliding Away!

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This has been an extremely cold and snowy winter. We are way past stir crazy in the Novak household. We have tried every imaginable way to stay warm yet active this winter. We are loving the City of Westlake Recreation Center! From swimming lessons to indoor soccer class and even Young Rembrandts art class for Joel, we are there! They have so much to offer in a family friendly environment.

Swimming lessons have been going great for both boys despite Joel being in preschool level 1 for I think the 6th time. We are now finally making strides thanks to Miss Ruth! Yesterday was safety day and he got to jump off the platform in the deep end! Maybe will make it to level 2 next session. I won't hold my breath ;)

So looking for some great family friendly activities to keep you active even when it's still to cold to really think about being active? Support you local recreation center. I am sure they would love to have you. If your city doesn't have a recreation center, try the YMCA!

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  1. Wow! that is cool the recreation center offers indoor swimming and soccer . Wish we had that where I live.. what fun tear round for the kiddos!!! KIm @ This Ole Mom

  2. The best thing around where I live is the burger king play place!

  3. We have a local community center that has an indoor pool and slide, and a lazy river as well. We have yet to try it as they charge $7 for each of us, including the parents who just want to supervise and not actually utilize the pool. So we've been putting it off but it's always in the back of my mind for a bad wintery day. (we were much luckier than some and this winter wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been!)


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