Friday, July 11, 2014

Safety Town Graduation

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So we made it through another Novak Family milestone today.  Jude graduated from safety town. And although there wasn't much pomp and circumstance, it is still a touching moment in any mothers life. How cute can you get?  Safety pup even made an appearance.  Joel even got in on the actions

So safety town was a two week success in our household.  Jude is now a master with his address and phone number.  We learned stop, drop and roll.  We learned always bike with our helmets and the danger zone around our bikes.  We learned never to touch a gun and to always remember police officers and fire fighters are friends and there to help us.

I must confess though in a moment of mommy shame we had a little issue with strangers.  Jude took the candy.  Ugh!  I am taking a little solace in the fact that every child in his class took the candy,   So I am trying to tell myself there must have been a flaw in there system because surely my child knows not to take candy from a stranger!  But in all fairness to the program it was a sucker and Jude loves candy so we know we need to work on that one a lot more.

Now that safety town is over I must come to the realization that my baby is growing up.  We are already in the middle of summer.  Fall is nearing and with the change of the seasons will come the start of another milestone...Kindergarten!

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