Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We Love You Daddy!!

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A little while back a wrote a post about why I still believe in marriage entitled the Happy Wives Club Blog Tour. In this I talked about how marriage is tough and that you have to stick together but it's worth it because life is so much more enjoyable when you have someone by your side.  I also talked about how Steve is usually the man behind the camera and I shared an old picture of the two of us on our wedding day.

I received very nice feedback about how many of you enjoyed that picture, so I thought I would share with you what I gave Steve for Christmas this year.  If  you know Steve it is difficult to figure out what to give him as a present even though he will tell you that is not the case.  He doesn't really like technical gadgets, says I always buy him clothes and my mom already got him tennis balls and my brother a gift certificate to his favorite Indian restaurant, so what was a wife to do?

So I got to thinking.  Even though I mean too, life carries on day by day and I never really tell him enough how much I LOVE him and how much the kids and I appreciate what he does for us!  So I wanted to show him all the great memories he has given us through the years.  There are clips of the video running below or see the full video with music on YouTube by clicking here.

So I hope you also enjoy this little snip it of our life.  It was fun making it and reliving all the great memories we have had.  Hoping to share more great memories in the future.  We LOVE you daddy!!

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