Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pick a Peck of Apples

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As I have probably mentioned I am a member of the Westlake Early Childhood PTA a wonderful organization that allows mothers to get together and volunteer for activities in their community as well as attend parties, field trips and local activities with other families in with preschool aged children.  One of our favorite field trips every year is apple picking at Miller's Apple Hill.  Joel is the apple picking king.  He loves picking and eating as many apples as he can get.  This year was no exception!

Apple Hill offers an amazing orchard as well as a lot more.  There is the bulk store that stocks candy, dried fruit & nuts, baking and candy supplies, apples, cheese and much more.  Then there is Pumpkin Land.  This is a great little area for kids.  There is a maze with slides, hay to climb on, and animals to name a few fantastically fun things to keep the kids wanting more.

But let's face it, when your going apple picking, it's all about the orchard.  Apple Hill  will not disappoint. Whether your looking for Red Delicious, Granny Smith or like us Pink Ladies you'll find them all.  And can I say yum! There is nothing like a fresh picked apple from a tree.

So are you looking for a fun fall activity for your family?  Go apple picking.  You won't be sorry!  Live in the area?  Visit Apple Hill ,  If you don't live in this area, never fear, there are wonderful orchards all round. Pick one and enjoy.  And remember, apple picking is the activity that keeps on giving...apple pie, apple cake, apple strudel.  Well you get the idea!

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