Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Decorating for Fall Inside and Out

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As I mentioned we LOVE Fall. This being said we also LOVE to decorate for falls. From the dining room table and side board to the coffee table and fireplace, you name it we decorate it! We don't stop with the inside. The outside is just as important. When you come to our house there is no doubt what season it is.

So take a peek at what we did this year. For inside we used a combination of silk flowers, pine cones, fresh and glass pumpkins and gourds to start. We then added glass lanterns and votives mixed with some iron like items. Candles and kids don't usually mix, however battery operated LED candles do the trick. And I actually like them better because many come with remote controls and/or timers. Super easy and super convenient.

If you ask Jude what some of his favorite stores are he is almost sure to answer the "what speaks to you store." Yes Pier1 your marketing even works on a five-year-old. I mention this because every year we like to add one or two items to our collections of decorations. This year we picked this cute owl.

Outside we kept it simple but stylish. Don't get too carried away because remember most of what you put outside is alive and you will need  to still water and take care of. This year we went with a nice small hay bale, some pumpkins and gourds, a few large colorful mums and decorative kale. We rounded this out with some lovely lanterns filled with outdoor LED candles with timers for ease.

So have you decorated for fall yet? Try adding a little fall color into your life. Feel free to take some pictures and share them with us. We are always looking for new ideas!

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