Friday, April 12, 2013

Exciting Changes to the Site

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As anything else in life, when you start a project it never really ends up the way you imagined it.  That is very true with this site.  I don't know if I ever really explained why I started this adventure.  I wanted to be more engaged in my family's life.  Really taking part in it rather than watching it go by.  By chronicling the events in our life it makes me stop and enjoy the moments.  So having you as readers helps me enjoy my family.  In doing so I hope it helps to inspire others to enjoy their family experiences a little more.

That being said this was a little undertaking when I started.  I did not realize how much I would enjoy getting out spending time with my family and friends and meeting so many wonderful people along the way.  So when I first put the site together I started pages the way I thought I would categorize our life.  It hasn't always worked out as I planned.  So now I am tweaking the site.  I hope you like the changes.

I have removed the mommy moments page. It became to hard to categorize specific moments.  This is because I realized that as I am writing posts every entry is really a mommy moment as special in its own way.

I have added projects to the tips and tricks page so now it is Projects, Tips and Tricks which will encompass more ideas including great craft project.  Take a look at the first project posted, the kids bedrooms.  Hope you like them as much as we do.

Another change is under the What's for Dinner page.  Take a peek.  I have decided to start publishing recipes under Midwest Family Food and Fun Scribd Profile Page.  Scribd is a online site that allows people to store documents, e-books etc. and publish to online readers.  The service is free.  I am able to provide links on this page or embed the documents.  You may download or print the documents.  You do not need an account to view the documents placed on the site.      Here is a link to the banana monkey chip muffins.  If you do have an account which is free and really easy to set up, you may follow Midwest Family Food and Fun's Profile on Scribd.

Finally I have added a Local Events Calendar page.  I hope to place family friendly, mommy nights out or date night events on the page.  If you have any events you would like to have posted on the calendar please let me know.  Use the Contact Us page to find out how to get a hold of us.  If you attend any of the posted events I would also love to know your thoughts.

So these are the changes in a nutshell. Hope it's not too many too fast.  There will be one more exciting addition to the site in the near future (no I am not pregnant!). So stay tuned!

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  1. Cool! I like the scribd. Also thanks for clarifying about NOT being pregnant. Ha ha :)


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