Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hot Mama at Crocker Park Rocks!!

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So just got back from the grand opening of hot mama at Crocker Park.  From the crowd of enthusiastic ladies I am sure they will be quite successful.  As for me I must apologize to my wallet now for all the abuse I will do to it in the near future at this store.  It rocks!!

First I will have to say the staff is super helpful and friendly.  There was a wait for the dressing rooms but they were quick to step in and tell you how the stores started and what they are all about. This is there first store in the Cleveland area.  So glad they chose my neck of the woods.

The clothes are cute, stylish and very wearable.  When you try them on you can tell they are made for moms on the go.  So going into the dressing room my eyes were bigger than my wallet.  I had to pare down my choices because at some point I pretty sure I wanted it all.  So this is what I ended up going home with:

Space Dye Banded Sweater
Picture from hot mama website
Cute right?!?  I had to leave this sweater behind. I figure you have to have a reason to go back.  This sweater will probably be my reason to go back!

I must admit when it came to jeans hot mama should probably be on my list of splurge stores.  While I saw a couple of pairs that I loved, this mama was having a hard time with the $175 price tag. That being said Mothers Day is right around the corner honey hint- hint :)

On a final note if your thinking of checking the place, try to fit in your incredibly hectic mom schedule this week April 10th-16th when they are offering 10% off.  And if you can be one of the first 50 customers each these days you will qualify for a gift card.  Thanks hot mama for my $25 off.!


  1. Cute dress!
    I bet the $175 jeans were super cute. You get what you pay for. I have never handed over more than $50 for a pair of jeans, but I have seen and coveted much more expensive pairs that look so nice on... (I have never even tried on a pair more than $50!).

    Glad you had a good time.


  2. Visited again today.........super cute jeans and pewter sandals. Worth the $175.00.

    pam ghster


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