Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another Busy Day for this Mama

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What a fabulously exhausting day.  Days like today help to remind me how many supportive people that I have surrounded myself with.  To all of you that have helped me in the past couple of weeks, thank you so much!

Today was the WECPTA Spring Kiddie Sale.  So this week has been crazy with last minute planning, set-up and more.  The sale went wonderfully today.  I am always in awe how the whole thing comes together.  For all of you great people that were there to help along the way and stepped up when I came begging for something...THANK YOU!!!

While I was busy with Kiddie Kloset my amazing husband, Steve, and fabulous friend, Jen, were out spreading the word for the Vote Marie Novak for Westlake Ward 2 City Council campaign.  I know the weather was horrible with the cold a rain.  I cannot thank them enough!!  I don't know what I did to deserve such great people in my life.

Then this evening was another great event, the Westlake Women's Spring Fundraiser, Casino Night.  What an enjoyable event!!  I actually played some blackjack and didn't lose all my money.  I even won a few things.  A beautiful gold chain and ironically I put a few tickets in the basket that I donated (I love the Pioneer Woman) because I just hated to give it up and I won it back.  So happy!!!

And then I got the best news of all tonight, I was cancelled from work.  If there was ever a day to be given off this was the best.  So I will be off to bed in a few minutes.  Life is good!!!

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