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Family Fun At Spangler Candy!

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Have you ever heard of Spangler Candy? Well you might not know the name, but if I was a betting person I'd say you've had their candy! Headquartered in Bryan, Ohio, Spangler is the manufacturer of Dum Dums®, Saf-T-Pops, Circus Peanuts and Spangler Candy Canes. In fact they are the only candy cane manufacturer that still manufactures their candy canes in the United States!

I'm born and bred in Ohio and I never realized our State was the home of Dum Dums®. Well when I found out this amazing news and the fact that you could take a tour of their factory, the kids and I backed up for the drive and headed out for a yummy adventure!

The facility is quite impressive. It comprises over 500,000 square feet including office, manufacturing, and warehouse space. Spangler has a museum and store attached to it. When we got there we took a few pictures in front of our favorite Dum Dums flavors and then headed in to get our tickets for the tour. You can check their website for updated tour time, date and pricing information as it changes seasonally.

To start the tour, we donned our flattering hair nets and took our place on the trolley and we were off. Due to safety and FDA regulations, the trolley tour does not go through the main kitchen areas, but we got to see the warehouse, the palletization area and automatic case packers. The tour is supplemented with videos showing candy cooking and forming in the kitchen areas. The videos are shown right on the trolley so there is no interruption in the tour.

It was so cool to see and we learned some very interesting facts. They make 12 million Dum Dums® each day! The mystery flavor is created when the line is finishing one flavor and starting another so it is different every time. And since Spangler is the last candy cane producer manufacturing in the United States, they make candy canes for other companies so they produce branded candy canes including Jelly Belly®, Smarties®, Oreo®, Swedish Fish®, and Sour Patch®. It was pretty amazing to see and yes smell, all the different candies in the warehouse.

Photography is not allowed during the tour but you are allowed to take pictures with the trolley at the end. The kids couldn't resist. We then had to quick head out to the store and explore.

Yes they had free samples! We even got to taste the newest flavor of Dum Dums®, birthday cake. They were so good we had to buy some to take home (along with a ton of other taste treats including Circus Peanuts, more Dum Dums® and candy canes in too many flavors to count!)

If your live in the Midwest, Spangler Candy makes a great roadtrip! It is in a quaint little town and easily accessible by highway. Young and old will all enjoy!

For more information about Spangler Candy Store and Museum, contact them at:

Spangler Candy
400 N. Portland St., Bryan, Oho 43506
Telephone:  888.636.4221 or 419.633.6439


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  1. That looks like a kid's dream trip! What a fun family activity.

  2. wow. this seems a fun place and seems you guys enjoyed a lot.

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  4. I bet even my 31-year-old self will enjoy this kind of roadtrip. Indeed, this is a must-see attraction for every family.

  5. What a lovely fun filled place this is to visit with kids. I am sure kids had a reat time.


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