Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cold Outside? It's Always Warm at Great Wolf Lodge!

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Last week was Joel's 5th Birthday. We had almost an entire week of celebration! Part of this was a great stay at Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky. Joel loves Great Wolf Lodge and asks to celebrate his birthday there every year instead of a party. While he enjoys splashing in the water, his real excitement comes from MagiquestGreat Wolf Lodge is the only place in our area to play Magiquest so we make the trek at least once or twice a year.

Great Wolf Lodge is a place filled with family fun to escape to in the cold of winter. With the indoor waterpark, the weather is always perfect! It is a fabulous place to let boys be boys and get all there pent up energy out in the dead of winter. From the slippery slides to the lazy river and everything in between you won't be disappointed.

Great Wolf Lodge also has an arcade, cub club play area with crafts, kids spa and much more. There is a schedule of daily activities, including the clock show and story time at night. Adults even have a small fitness center to work out in if you don't burn off enough energy chasing the kids all day.

Then there is Magiquest which is an interactive role playing game where players can embark on imaginative quests and adventures in an enchanted fantasy world full of dragons and fairies. Players use magic wands to solve the mysteries of the game. There is a fee for the wand (which can be reused) and the game play. There are all kinds of accessories for the game as well. This year Joel added a dragon topper to his wand to increase his powers.

Great Wolf Lodge is pretty self contained. Rooms are comfortable and spacious.  There are several dining options to choose from. This is the only place that our stay fell a little short. It was quite a busy weekend and the service at Gitchigoomie Grill, while very friendly, was quite slow.

So take a look at the video of our stay below. See the great time we had and book a stay for your family. You'll love the family fun!!

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  1. I've heard of this before! Sounds like an awesome place for the family. We often go to Disneyland for our kid's birthday.


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