Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Build-A-Bear Bonanza

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It's was a busy weekend. Mostly because I worked a lot of it. Not much fun there. But we made up for it yesterday! We started Joel's birthday festivities early. We headed to Build-A-Bear and added two new members to our family. Meet Star Wars Dog and Super Dark. (Yes I know it's really Darth Vader but Jude likes to say Dark Vader) We love Build-A-Bear! Such cool and cuddly creations. Joel created a Darth Vader Dalmatian fully equipped with a light saber, Star Wars Theme song and cotton candy scent. Jude went with a Camo Bear Darth Vader with light saber, Star Wars Theme and bubble gum scent. The light sabers even light up! They are a little boys dream.

We capped off the evening with some cake and ice cream and presents at grandma's house. Yes that is a Sponge Bob cake with crabby patties. (Can't wait to see the movie) Stay tuned for more Joel Birthday fun :)

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