Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Strange Magic Movie Matinee

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The boys and I ventured out to a matinee of Strange Magic yesterday. We finished up homeschool classes early, love it, and headed to the theater. We went to our favorite AMC Theatre. The reclining seats are amazing.  As a mom, I am a fan of the AMC Stubs Card. It has been well worth the small investment. Especially with the no online ticket fees. I am able to get my tickets ahead of time!

As you can see, Jude made himself right at home. We got situated with our movie candy and drinks and we were ready for the show.

"Strange Magic" is a Lucas Film and according to the movie maker it is inspired by "A Midsummer Nights Dream". It has a nice moral for children "everyone deserves to be loved." And while it has a magical musical selection, the plot is a little lack luster. It is a "love story" but does have some sword and army action, which my boys appreciated. There are some cute animal characters. The music will keep you involved but the story will not linger.

We may not be bringing it home on DVD/Blu-Ray, but it did leave us smiling and singing the whole way home! So for that it was well worth the price of admission. Have you seen "Strange Magic"? Let us know what you thought about it!

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