Monday, August 4, 2014

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When I started this site it wasn't because of my fascination of blogging, but rather more as a way to document the time I spend with my family and create opportunities for fun activities. However, I have recently become very infatuated with this medium and all that it entails. I enjoy the freedom of expressing my thoughts and sharing my ideas with others. The experience has become very fulfilling. So much so that I have been looking for additional avenues to expand my blogging repertoire.

This is how I came upon BlogHer. If you haven't heard BlogHer you are missing out. Want to know more? BlogHer in the most simplest terms is an online blogging community of women. Many, but not all, have their own blogs. Why post on BlogHer? Well it is a great place to connect with other bloggers, share great ideas, and also connect non-bloggers that appreciate and support the blogging community. 

Why did I join blogger? I have a certain vision for this site. I have created a place to show great fun family activities, homeschooling ideas, products, recipes and projects. Everyone has been very supportive of this and have been very appreciative of the content. I do however like to write and express my thoughts and ideas about other subjects and opinions as well. This is where BlogHer comes in. I am able to write what's on my mind without trying to categorize it within the realms of this blog or muddying up the waters.

You can click here or on the BlogHer badge in the right sidebar of this site to be directed to my BlogHer profile. Here you can find my posts, likes and more. My first post does somewhat fit into this blog. It is about homeschooling, however it is more of an opinionated post about why we are homeschooling, rather than activities and ideas about homeschooling.  "Starting Home Schooling!  Good or Bad?  No Shortage of Opinions!" is a post about our family's decision to homeschool and others reaction to this decision.  

So if you get a chance check me out on BlogHer. Good or bad let me know what you think. It's not about agreeing, but rather about enjoying the connection and sharing thoughts and ideas. Also if you have any suggestions about what I should write about let me know. I'm always looking for inspiration!!

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