Friday, August 15, 2014

Adventures at the Akron Zoo!

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Those of you that follow me on Instagram and Twitter got a sneak peek at our great day at the Akron Zoo yesterday.  What a wonderful day we had.  The weather was perfect, warm but not too hot with a lovely breeze. The animals were out in abundance soaking up the sun's summer rays. Life was great!

We took a ton of pictures to share with everyone.  Take a look.  Our first top was the penguins.  They were really active because it was feeding time.  This was our first experience seeing feeding time.  It was amazing to see all of them flock!!  So much fun.

We caught the snow leopard dozing off. Didn't seem to mind us clicking a quick pic.  Sweet Dreams!

Next stop the carousel. And what a beautiful carousel it is. Not just your boring horses. No it is much more than that.  Hand carved replicas of animals that can be seen throughout the zoo. It is truly a masterpiece.

Grandma Plicka came with us so it was the perfect time to get her to take a family picture of us. It is rare that the boys and I get a picture all together that isn't a selfie!  

Jude then decided to take a ride down the slide which goes right through the otter tank. Pretty cool! While Joel decided to chill and just rock out! Total opposite of his usual self.

What next you ask. The petting farm. Yes unlike a lot of other zoos, they still have a petting farm and it's fabulous. We bought a few crackers to feed the goats and sheep. Looks like everyone was happy with our decision!

After washing up, it was time to stop and smell the roses. The Akron zoo has a beautiful garden!  Look at these flowers. Gorgeous!  

One last stop. Time to see and feel some fish. Jelly fish are beautiful creatures, as long as they are behind glass ;) The touch tank was a hit. They got some hands on experience with hermit crabs and stingrays!  

All and all a great day. So looking for a little bit more fun before summer is over and school begins? Get out and support your local zoo!

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