Thursday, October 24, 2013

Big Top Fun

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The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Barnum and Bailey Circus has come to Cleveland and we were there opening night. Nothing beats watching the excitement in your children's eyes as they watch in amazement at the tightrope walkers or the trapeze swingers. The lights and sounds of the circus always makes me feel like a kid again. There is something to be said about those years of innocence!

This year the Built to Amaze Tour came to Cleveland, which seemed to bring things back to a simpler time. There were still the lights and sparkling explosions, but not as much of the larger than life blitz and glitz that the Dragon's Tour brought last year. This is fine by me! Sometimes more is well just too much!!!

So this year's circus was more about the animals and the clowns. Not so good if you have Coulrophobia (a fear of clowns). Thank goodness Jude and Joel LOVE clowns. They pretty much spent the entire night rolling out of their seats laughing. They were pretty funny and talented. The clowns were actually more than clown performing in great choreographed dance sequences and leading a wonderful dog act to name a few things. 

Of course the usual cast of characters, namely the tigers and elephants made an appearance. There were the tumblers and of course they shot a girl out of a cannon. There was something for everyone!

Yes I love the circus except for one thing- all the products they sell. It becomes a little ridiculous and ends up sending my children into sensory overload not knowing what to ask for first. And let me tell you there is something wrong when cotton candy cost $14. Yes you heard me right, $14 because it comes with a flimsy circus hat. I don't need the hat- in fact I don't won't the hat, because it makes it completely impossible for my kids to share one cotton candy because then they fight over who gets the hat.  UGH!!  So what is a mom to do?  Bribe her kids of course. So when they said mommy can we have cotton candy, we're hungry. I said well you can have that but it will only last tonight or we could get a toy. Yes the circus made me bribe them with toys- which were also $14 a piece but at least lasts for longer than 60 seconds.  

But it's the circus. And when you go to events like this as a parent, you need to expect it. I didn't say like it, but you know it's going to be there and you need to plan ahead and know your limits. And in the end we make the conscious decision to forgo the loss to our wallets for the pure joy in our children's eyes!

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  1. It sounds like a lot of fun. One of my kids was scared of clowns when she was young, but only if they were close to her. If they were out in the circus ring they were ok. This brought back some good memories.
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