Thursday, July 18, 2013

Soaking Up Some Air Conditioned Indoor Fun!

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I have been under the weather for a better part of this week, so I have tried to lay low. This does not mean my kids stop for mommy. So I have tried to find activities that allow them to play and me stay put while they play. Tuesday this led us to Amazone in Medina, Ohio. For those of you that have never been there it is a great all year activity center for family fun. They have an indoor playground perfect for days that are too cold or in this case too hot to go outside. They also have laser tag and an arcade.

The prices are pretty reasonable. For the playground they are: toddler playground for children under 3 – $4 for same day unlimited play, large playground for children 3 and above – $8 for same day unlimited play. We have been playground people primarily. My kids are too young to venture into the laser tag arena. This too seems pretty competitively priced at $8 plus tax a game. Occasionally they will sucker this mamma into a few arcade games, but this time we stayed in the playground area.

As you can see there is a ton of things on the playground to keep them occupied for hours. Parents can join in the action free of charge when accompanying their paying children. When my body is not otherwise out of commission, I usually enjoy getting in the action. It makes me feel like a kid again. It doesn't appear that they missed me climbing around with them too much. Kind of makes me sad, yet happy that they are growing up to be little independents!  

They remembered their dear old mom when they got hungry. While they do have a snack bar available and I should also mention have party options, we chose to go elsewhere for lunch. It was a little too crowded to eat. So we packed into the car and hit the Burger King drive thru for some chicken nugget kids meals and Icees. I know not the healthiest of lunches but I figured they had burnt off so much energy they could handle a few extra calories. Mommy not so much!

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