Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Holiday Happenings Now Back to Reality

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So our Fourth of July holiday was packed full of family fun activities starting on the Third! This is because July 3rd is my brother's (Uncle Mike's) birthday. We celebrated at the Lake County Captains game.  Along with my brother, his girlfriend and my mom we were joined by the Magel-Weiss family. We had a great night with food, family, friends and fireworks. Jude and Joel loved playing with Owen and Amanda! After watching a little baseball  we found the playground at the ballpark to be a full of fun. After a round of popcorn and Icees we got our second wind and were able to make it through the firework extravaganza.

The Fourth was full of more adventure with friends. We had a great picnic including of course food along with swimming, games and "scary" trip to a "haunted" barn. There was talk about vampires! We topped the night off with a mommy coffee run to McDonalds, dessert, candy, light sticks and more fireworks!

Friday the kids headed to school. Jude had a field trip to firefly indoor mini golf. Mommy and daddy got to spend a little quality time together. We headed out to wine and dine in a mini tour of Ohio wine country.

Firelands WineryOur first stop was Firelands Winery in Sandusky. We had a nice tasting which included 6 different wines for $3. What a amazing deal.  We went with the dry selection which was excellent! We then settled down with a nice glass and cheese platter in their Italian room. How relaxing. We went home with two delicious bottles of their tasty Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer and a bottle of sparkling grape juice for the kids. Thanks to the ladies behind the tasting bar at Firelands. They truly made for a fabulous experience. And if you have a chance please visit them yourselves.

We then started making our way back home. We stopped in Vermilion for lunch at the Knotty Pine. What can I say about lunch. Well let's just leave it at this, yummy food, yucky service. This was kind of disappointing because our prior experience at the restaurant had been really good. Hopefully it was just an off day.

Our travels then brought us to the Paper Moon Vineyards in Vermilion. We enjoyed a nice glass of Riesling (my go to wine) a couple chocolate truffles and a very competitive game of Scrabble in which Steve prevailed. Along with their bottled wines they mix their own pitchers of sangria which looked amazing. They also have a series of events and live music (check out their website for a full list) that look too good to miss so we will have to return again. Until we have a chance to make it back, we took home a bottle of Riesling so the we could experience a little of the the Paper Moon at home.

With our bellies full and our spirits refreshed we headed back to pick up the kids. When we got home Jude couldn't resist a little test drive of his own. Then we had a nice dinner and movie night before heading off to bed.

Saturday has brought mommy back to reality. After twelve days off I am heading back to work (ironically for a 12 hour night shift- yuck!) But I am very blessed for the time my job allows me to spend with my family. So today was spent with the must do's. Daddy washed the windows and siding. Mommy and the kids went to Target (thanks for the $5 off coupon!!!) to get new shoes. Joel must have the exact same as his big brother now to be "cool" so they both went with light up Lightning McQueen shoes. I must admit they are pretty cute. We picked up a few more necessities and then home for lunch. Then the kids and mommy to naps and daddy headed out for a little more fun at the Indians game.

Now dinner- waffles for the kids and a bowl of cereal for mommy. Then Jude and Joel will have play time with Gram and I will head off into the sunset called St John's. All is once again back to norm.

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  1. So they ended up with new shoes!!! I have to laugh.

    We had a wonderful time at the Captains game :)

    Glad to hear you two lovebirds had a nice time at two vineyards. The samplings were much less expensive than I would have thought.



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