Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Long Awaited Update

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Hey everyone. It's been a while. Things have been crazy around here. Not much on the family activity front. Pretty much the same old same old thing that you can do when the weather is what the weather is. Oh spring the calendar says you are here but Mother Nature hasn't gotten the memo.

So we have been doing some work around the house. Joel got his big boy bed. Jude and Joel both got their decals on their walls, Jude dinosaurs and Joel fish. Pictures will follow in a future post.

My time has been spent volunteering a lot. Had two great events in the past week. I helped pack Easter Baskets for the food bank in Westlake last Friday. Then that same day Westlake Council had Dollars for Scholars benefiting the Scholarship fund. Wonderful turnout!

I guess the biggest news on my front is that I am running for Ward 2 Westlake City Council. I really think that I can make a difference. I feel that I will provide a new perspective not currently on the Council. There are five candidates running so there will be a primary May 7th. Wish me luck!!

Well that is the long and the short of it. I plan on posting much more often. Let me know what you would like to see. Especially if you have any cool places to go! I will also be posting more recipes. I have been getting back into the cooking thing. Stay tuned!!

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