Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Conversation with the Barefoot Contessa

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Yesterday was my long anticipated "moms night out" with my good friend Jen. What a fabulous night we had learning all kinds of tips and tricks from Ina Garten aka the Barefoot Contessa. The event was held at the State Theatre at Playhouse Square in Cleveland, Ohio. It was very well attended, so much so we had to go on our own little expedition to find parking. But in the end it was so worth it!

Even though the room was full of Barefoot Contessa fans, it felt quite intimate and the conversation was very relaxed. The night was hosted by Julia Turshen who is an acclaimed cookbook author herself. It was a lovely question and answer session first led by Julia with her own questions and then questions that she collected from others via friends and twitter. Then the microphone was opened up to the audience for additional questions.

Ina gave so many great tips. What she stressed the most was always use "good" ingredients which doesn't always mean the most expensive. She believes simple is usually best. She enjoys entertaining for smaller groups now rather than large parties. She stressed planning ahead when you entertain which ties great with her new cookbook "Make It Ahead". Her favorite time to entertain is Sunday lunch because she feels it is more relaxed and enjoyable.

It truly was a wonderfully entertaining and inspiring night. One that I will remember probably for a lifetime. My favorite quote from Ina and what I will take away from the evening is this. "Food is not impressing people. Its about making people comfortable." Entertaining words to live by!

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  1. Wow! What a priviledge to see her!

  2. You're so lucky that you got to see her! that looks like so much fun.

  3. Seems like a great night out! I am sure you left hungry though :)

  4. How awesome to go see her. I love Ina.


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