Friday, January 9, 2015

Find Us on Yummly!

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Midwest Family Food and Fun is now a publisher on Yummly. Click here to go to our Yummly Publisher's Page.  You will also notice we have added a Yum button to our blog.  If you like one or all of our recipes, make sure you click the post's Yum button and it will be saved to your Yummly recipe box.

If you're not familiar with Yummly you've got to check it out. It is a great place to find recipes. It is an easily searchable site. Once you register for free, you simply search for whatever type of recipe your looking for, click on the Yum button of the recipe you like and its stored in your recipe box. Yes it's that simple. You can organize your recipe box into categories. You can even share your recipes on Facebook. It gets even better. You can set recipes preferences to account for specific types of diets and food allergies or intolerances. The more recipes you Yum the more Yummly knows about you and will offer recommendations to you. You can even store your own recipes in your recipe box. 

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