Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crafting With Kids and Perler Beads

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The Kids and I were in search of a new craft idea at Michaels (great store) when we decided to try our hand at perler beads.  Have you seen them? We've seen them before and the kids have asked me about them, but until now I have stayed clear because they say they are for ages six and up.  But the kids are getting older, Jude is almost six now, so I decided to give them a whirl.

This was a GREAT idea!  They are endless hours of fun. Admittedly they can be tough for little hands because they require pretty good fine motor skills. So if your kids have issues with this it might take them a little longer to pick them up and frustrate, however they would be great for practicing these skills.

The concept is pretty simple.  You have beads and peg boards which come in all different shapes.  The kids fill the boards with beads.  I had the kids work on a small towel.  This prevented the beads from rolling allover and made it easier to move the design later.  After the boards are filled it becomes an adult project for a little while (don't worry not too much work!) You heat a dry iron to medium.  Place the ironing paper over the design and iron in circles for 10 to 15 seconds.  Then you let the design cool (doesn't take that long- around 5 minutes) and remove the paper from it.  Then you take the bead design off the peg board.  It slips off easily.  Then place the paper back on the design and iron to again to complete the fusion process.  Let it cool one more time and presto!  You have art that doubles as a cute little toy!

So looking for a cool little project to keep the kids occupied?  These perler beads were a success in our home!  You might want stop by Michaels to try them out yourself.  If you do share pics!

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