Thursday, July 24, 2014

Home School Here We Come

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Christmas in July came a day early in the Novak household.  As most of you know Jude will enter Kindergarten this year.  When your kids start school, I think there is always a little apprehension and nervousness surrounding the first day of school.  We have a little more preparation then most, because after careful consideration including much input from Jude himself, we have decided to start homeschooling.  Jude is enrolled in Ohio Virtual Academy which is part of the K12 Network of schools. It is a online public school option in the State of Ohio.  The decision wasn't easy because we do have good brick and mortar schools in our city, however we feel this is the best fit for our family at this time.

So today our curriculum arrived.  Two great big boxes. Yeah!!  There was excitement to dig in an see all that there was to offer.  So much great stuff!  We have already turned our office into dedicated school room.  I will post about that project later.  We had pretty much made a spot for everything so the unpacking went smoothly and we had a lot of time to look through our treasures.  Jude is particularly drawn to the math blocks. Pretty cool I must say!

We are very excited to be starting with OHVA in the fall.  We have had a great kick start experience with the Summer Fun Online Program.  We are hoping for a wonderful year full of memorable experiences to share.


  1. We are entering kindergarten this year as well!
    We are in the Toledo area

  2. Hi Heather. Great to hear from someone else starting Kindergarten with OHVA! Maybe we will get to meet up at one of the field trips.


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