Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Phone Leads to More Blogging!

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So year I finally moved out of the dark ages and retired my flip phone for a smartphone.  I went for a middle of the road base android phone that will remain nameless.  Well it went to its grave this weekend turning off more time than it would turn on.  And if it would stay on it wouldn't ring a call through.  So it was time to go phone shopping again.

I don't need the latest and greatest by any means.  All I want is reliable phone that will turn on, have a battery life longer than my morning shower, rings when it is supposed to and maybe can allow me to send a tweet without tweeting back at me.  I also don't want a contract.  No need.  No contract!

So what did I get?  Virgin Mobile iPhone 4.  Yes just the 4 8GB.  Like I said I don't need the latest and greatest bell and whistles.  It was the perfect phone for the perfect price $199.  And yes no contract.  I really don't use my phone to call much so I can go with the lowest Beyond Talk Plan at $35 month with 300 talk minutes and unlimited everything else- even data!  Not enough for you unlimited everything for $55 still pretty good.  And the best part is if you have an iPhone on the Virgin Mobile network (which is actually the Sprint network) you save $5 a month- score!!

So now I have my new and improved phone I can blog anytime, anywhere.  Better watch out!


  1. Sounds great to me! I don't use my phone often -- and right now I have a flip phone from 6 years ago. I'd love to be able to do a bit of tweeting when I'm out sometimes.

  2. Yes in the short time I have had my new phone I have become amazed at all the things that it can do. I now know what my kids feel like when they get a new toy. I can't put it down either!


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