Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We're Back!!

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Okay so the Novak Family is back online. We had to take a little breather. The end of the year stuff from our volunteer efforts was overwhelming. Not to mention I had to lick my wounds from losing in the primary for city council. It was an expected loss. But a loss is still a loss and it still hurts no matter how it happens.

So the summer is in full swing and we will be back in action all around our fine city and beyond. Can't wait to share our adventures. We also had a few adventures during our hiatus that I will share from time to time. A picture here, a thought there.

We are also adding and subtracting a few things to the site as time goes on. One of the "what was I thinking" things that will no longer be on the site is the local calendar. I have found it is much to hard to keep my own family's calendar straight let alone a whole cities. That being said if there is a great event or a must see that you want us to know about please do share!

As for the add on stuff you will just have to wait and see. Recently I have been into exploring entertainment stuff online, t.v., movies, books, magazines etc. Also still delving into the social media things. So expect some thoughts on that stuff.

My family has also be lacking in the home cooked meal category so we need to change that. I will be looking for some great new recipes.  Hope you'll like what I find.  And if you find a must try please send it my way. My family will thank you for it.

We it's almost 2 am.  And as usual I am still not sleeping but I must try! This is another reason I have been MIA. I tried to give up the computer before bedtime (my prime time, no kids to bother me, able to sit down with my thoughts time), to see if it would help me sleep. Another failed experiment. You know what will help me sleep...I do. Not working night shift!!!!


  1. Glad you're back. And congratulations on what I would call a successful campaign. No you did not win the most votes but you gained so much in experience, you reached out to your neighbors, and you became involved in your city. That is great and I am proud of you!

    I'm also looking at some recipes, especially for breakfast. If I find something good I'll send it your way. I've made three batches now of Dr. Oz's chia muffins and they are just "ok". Healthy ;)



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