Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yummy Night at A Taste of Westlake

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So I just got back from A Taste of Westlake at LaCentre. What a wonderful event for such a important issue, the Citizens for Westlake School's campaign effort. The night was filled with fun, friends and food. Just what this website is all about.  

The outpouring of restaurants and other stores/services that agreed to take part in the event was amazing. It is nice to see Westlake business supporting the community. It is a win/win situation. The list of participants is too many to list however click on the link for participants.  

I ate too much, talked too much and laughed way too much. So overall it was a great night!! My favorite has to go to Houlihan's stuffed mushrooms. What can I say, this is my all time go to dish. Although I must admit I was not disappoint with dessert. The Cheesecake Factory's Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake  was to die for (figuratively speaking).

The community support was fabulous. I believe that Citizens for Westlake School's was able to sell over 500 tickets. I recognized many of the faces in the room including school board members, school principles and active members of the PTAs and other civic/service organizations throughout the community.

I brought my mom as my date, as Steve stayed home with the kids. I spent the night with a group from the Westlake Early Childhood PTA. It is so nice to see that even though most of our kids are not in the public school system yet, we support the schools to ensure the maintain there "Excellent with Distinction" rating.

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