Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Loving Earthfare!

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Okay anyone that know me knows how much I love Earthfare. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Earthfare they call themselves "the healthy supermarket." Our store is at Westgate, there is one open in Fairlawn and according to their website a store is coming soon in Solon. There is also rumored to be a store coming to Strongsville. They pride themselves on: no artificial fats or transfats, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners, no antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones in their fresh meat or dairy and no bleached or bromated flour. They sell a lot of organics and local products. They are kind of like Whole Foods but less pretentious. (Don't get me wrong I love Whole Foods as well but for different reasons. Anyone who has been to both places will know what I mean).

Well today I'm loving Earthfare even more. I wasn't feeling so hot yesterday but I was perked right up when we received a call from Earthfare saying that I won a wellness gift from the store. What could it be? Well my curiosity would have to wait a day. So this morning the kids and I braved the cold and snow and made our way to one of our favorite stores.  The kids asked "where are we going mommy?"  I told them we were going to the grocery store. They immediately yelled out "We're going to Earthfare!" followed shortly by "Can we eat lunch there!?!"  I calmed them down, dress them for the subzero windshields, herded them in the car, strap them in and we're finally off!!

So we get to the store and we stop at the friendly customer service desk. We tell them who we are and that we received a phone call that we had one a wellness gift. They take us to the wellness department. They have great organic hygiene, skin care, make-up and hair products as well as vitamins, supplements etc.  There was a table full of products and baskets to pick from. This is what we got:

Not to shaby! So now mommy just needs to find some quiet time to enjoy her new body wash in a hot bath.  Well one can dream.

Steve would say take your free stuff and run but of course I needed to pick up a few things.  So we got some milk and berries.  The kids picked out and weighed some bananas:

So helpful aren't they?  Then this week's email coupon was for $2.99 lb all natural chicken breasts so we had to pick some up as well.  If you sign up online they will email you coupons and freebies which you can print out or just take your phone to show them the coupon.  Also if you don't mind getting text messages you can get great savings by texting EAT to 71700.  They will send you coupon PLU's for free items or money off your next purchase.  Also they have their new Tomato Bank program where you collect points.  Every 100 points equals $1.  You collect points by giving your number at the register, bringing your own bags, using coupons, buying certain items market in the store, and going to events such as "kids eat free" every Thursday night 4-8pm. (Great deal!)

Then of course the kids still had to eat lunch:

Pizza, fruit and smoothies for them.  A salad with a side of mac and cheese for me.  We followed that by sharing a piece of flourless chocolate cake.  Yum!  I still managed to stay under my Weight Watchers allowance of points.  Bonus!!

Then it was time to bundle back up, pile in the car and off to naps!  And maybe I'll get that hot bubble bath...Hahaha!!  Reality sets back in dishes and laundry to do :)

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  1. I've never heard of earthfare. Sounds interesting.


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